Filmmaking for your educational mission


You are here to make a difference in the world, education is perhaps the biggest difference maker to a student, family and city.

Much more than anything else a good education, school or teacher can change a someone’s life forever, which changes that family and pretty quickly a neighborhood is better because of a school.

Speaking with teachers as we prepare for a group interview about strategies they use to teach children.

Speaking with teachers as we prepare for a group interview about strategies they use to teach children.


Plan and execute

Storytelling is a fancy buzzword, it's almost annoying at this point, so I will be brief as possible. People are not rational, I’m sure your students are evidence of that. We all make emotional decisions, so statistics and data are going to drive less results than a remarkable character for your film. Getting lost in a story is called Narrative Transportation, it is the biggest predictor of action. So we look to emotion and empathy to create results for you. A Literature professor will remind us that story is ancient craft. A neuroscientist will say that is is hardwired into our brains. We just want to use to help help you transform teachers, students and donors

PreProduction is planning for sucess

Discovery and planning

Finding and Defining the purpose what this film is going to achieve for your organization.

Find a remarkable story

Story finding / Creation

Knowing what we want to accomplish together, now we can put into action of finding your unique characters who’s story will resonate with the audience so they take action.

raising money with storytelling video


showing off your film can happen in a lot of ways. Can be at a Gala fundraiser, online or in personal meetings. Laying out a strategy on how to use this new story to impact your school.


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AMAZING you want to create a video. We want to help, but to start. We need to listen first so that we understand YOUR goals and needs. Fill out this quick form and then we can schedule a chat to see if we can make an impact together.

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